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What Our Clients Say

Joanna is very knowledgable and innovative when it comes to treatment, which is key for high performance athletes who are injured. She does not simply treat the physical symptom/pain, instead she was patient and thorough in getting to the root cause which was great, because then it leads to injury prevention in the future. I would highly recommend Joanna as a physiotherapist because she genuinely cares for the well-being of her patients. Also she's a joy to be around!


Tan Wei Han

Badminton Player

29th SEA Games Squad, 2017

I would like to highly recommend this place for anyone having nagging muscle-related pain. My mother was having lower back pain that was not going away with time or painkillers, she was attended to by Song Choon and he managed to identify exactly the points of weakness and the origins of the pain. After a one hour focused session, amazingly my mother was pain free by the next day! Did not expect results to be so instant, but that is just a bonus! But beyond the good results, I can see the dedication and heart of these physios who truly are passionate about seeing their patients get better. I am in the medical profession myself, and back pain can be the hardest thing to treat, effective physiotherapy is the way to go, and this place offers effective physiotherapy with a heart.

Dr Christopher Seow

_ADS0200 2.jpg

Recently, I hurt my back while carrying a heavy box and sought treatment at Exodus Physiotherapy. Song Choon was very quick to respond and I am very impressed by his dedication to his profession. He was able to accurately identify not just the problem at hand but issues that could potentially lead to more problems in future. He also provided treatment that was helpful and advised on exercises that could help with my condition. I will definitely highly recommend anyone who requires physiotherapy to Exodus Physiotherapy!

Jeremy Ong

I had a nagging shoulder ache and constant pain on my left arm all the way to my fingers. 4th finger felt numb on some occasions. Visited Exodus Physio and after some assessment, I realised it was my constant bad posture from nursing my newborn that led to the pain! My nerves were injured over these few weeks.

I had some needles to relieve the pain, and the physio taught me some simple exercises to do at home daily.
The pain has gone away now and I am more aware of my own posture whenever I nurse my newborn!

Highly recommend as the physiotherapist is friendly and patient, who spends a good amount of time checking on my daily habits during assessment, which to me, is very important as it helps me be aware of myself.


Van Wee

Song Choon was our strength and gym coach in charge of keeping us fit and improving our physical condition for the games. I remember I was not able to execute a particular gym routine properly, but he patiently continuously corrected and taught me the right form and technique time and time again. His exercise routines were always different and new during the sessions and he brought fresh ideas every gym session to be tailored to our individual weaknesses. Song Choon is an exceptional strength coach and I would recommend anyone him to anyone looking to further strengthen and condition their body.

Vighnesh Segar

Badminton Player

World Uni Games Squad, 2017

I suffered from low back pain as a result of repetitive stress from numerous training sessions per week. It was a crucial period for me as we were preparing for our upcoming tournament. The pain had hindered my movement and would often affect my performance during training. Song Choon not only helped me to treat my back, he managed to figure out the root cause of the issue and corrected my form and posture. With his help, I was able to recover from my injury, and the exercises he taught me has helped me to prevent further injury again.

Alton Chua

Hockey Player

Raffles Institution

Field Hockey Stick



My dad has been a stroke patient for 8 years before he had a fall in February 2016. He suffered a hip fracture which requires him to undergo a hip replacement surgery. Prior to the fall, my dad was able to make short distance walks with his walking frame. However, the fall shook his confidence and upon discharge, he was reluctant to even use the walking frame to walk within the house.


We engaged Joanna in October 2016 to start my dad off with intensive physiotherapy twice a week. For the first few months, she taught my dad basic strengthening exercises which helped to strengthen his left weaker muscle groups. Overtime, she increased the intensity of his exercises to train his stamina.


There is indeed a significant improvement of my dad’s strength and overall performance. He gradually regained his confidence in getting back to using his walking frame to travel along the corridors for his daily routine short walks. Till date, my dad is able to climb up and down a flight of stairs (with minimal guidance) which I am really impressed given the fact he has been a long term stroke patient.


A big thank you to Joanna, for your patience and dedication to my dad’s rehabilitation over the past 1.5 years!

Chua Yee Ling

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