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Sports Massage

Sports Massage will be done by our Massage Therapist.

Sports Massage

Our body experience many different kind of stresses on a daily basis. These stresses can come from the way we move, sit, stand, or the exercises we engage in. Long-term build up of such stresses can often lead to myofascial imbalances, which can compromise tissue mobility and negatively influence the way we move.

Through the use of myofascial mobilisation and deep tissue techniques, our Sports Massage can help you maintain optimal tissue mobility so that you can move well and play well. 

What We Do



A 5-10 mins assessment by our Massage Therapist to determine the areas of tension in your body.

The Massage Therapist will also find out what are the areas you wish to target in the session.



The tissues in our body are multi-layered and very well interconnected with one another. Hence, tension in one part can often lead to tension in another area.


As such, the mobilisation techniques we use during the session is aimed at promoting blood flow and improving mobility in the different layers of tissues in our body. The pressure used ranges from light to firm pressure as we work from the superficial to the deepest layer of tissue.

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