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Better, Stronger

You don't have to be limited by pain or weakness anymore.


The Exodus Advantage

The unique Exodus philosophy combines our training in Physiotherapy, Strength & Conditioning and Performance Training to provide a holistic approach to improve your physical health.


Whether you are in for physiotherapy treatment for your pain and injury, or EPthlete programme for specialised 1-to-1 personal performance training, we can help you become better than before and stronger than ever.


If you are experiencing pain or discomfort from an injury or condition, or recently underwent a surgery, our Physiotherapists can help you restore your movement and function. 

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Pregnant Woman

Women's Health Physiotherapy

If you are experiencing urine leakage, pelvic pain, persistent pain during sexual intercourse, pregnancy-related pain or post-pregnancy issues, our Women's Health female physiotherapist can help facilitate your recovery.

Personal Training - EPthlete Programme

If you are serious about staying pain-free and injury-free, learning to move well is the first step. This is the cornerstone of our Epthlete programme, a 1-to-1 personalised training programme with strong emphasis on building strength and power through good movement.


Whether you are a competitive athlete or weekend warrior, a desk-bound worker or stay-home mother, a student or retiree, it is never too early nor too late to start moving well, because movement is medicine.​


Sports Massage

If you are experiencing tension or feeling tightness in your body after prolonged sitting, standing, or exercise, our Sports Massage can help you to alleviate those build-up tension.


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